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Get your geo thermal system by IGSHPA accredited company

Get the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and water heating systems. You can get your geo thermal systems installed in a residential structure

of any size. If you have an existing ductwork in your home fitting your geothermal system is even more easier.

Brassmar Water Wells is accredited by "The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association" (IGSHPA) which is a non-profit, member-driven organization established in 1987 to advance ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology. Get your geo thermal system setup by licensed builders.

why should you have your own geo thermal systems

  • You can lower your energy bills

  • Eco friendly- You could lower carbon emissions

  • You can keep your home warm  and water hot

  • All this with minimum maintenance

  • Efficient than your old            heating systems

Myths about

geo thermal systems

  • Myth-Geo thermal system needs lots of space to accommodate earth loops.

  • Fact- Depending on the your site, the earth loop may be buried vertically, which means little   above-ground surface is needed

  • Myth- Geo thermal systems          are noise

  • Fact - The systems run very quiet and there is no equipment outside to bother.

Get your geothermal system installed by IGSHPA accredited business.


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