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Free estimates for your well drilling project

Get your well drilled by licensed well drilling contractor at Brassmar Water Wells that has over 25 years of experience in Kent city, MI. We dig year round. If you have any emergencies you know where to go. Now you can benefit from our manufacture warranties that you will get with all our services.

Are you getting your well drilled for the first time? Then we suggest get it done correctly, as this will be your source of water for upcoming years. All the estimation is done for free of cost. When you get your well drilled by us, you will get it done by best technologies. After ages of your well construction if you come across any need to repair, we are there for well system repairs as well.

Reasons to have your own water supply

There are plenty of benefits that you can reap if you have your own well. We have listed few for you.

We drill year round for you

Are you confused about digging your own well or the area where you want to construct is not compatible?

We are just a call away; we will come and inspect your site now.

When you dig your water well, get it done right.

For free estimates,


Call 616-678-4939.

  • Save costs - Compared to the mains water you can save lot of dollars when it comes to your well

  • Improved water quality - Water derived from well is always of high-quality

  • Be independent - With your own water source you need not depend

        on anyone now

  • Specializing in 5 inch PVC

  • Water well systems

  • water well repairs

  • Residential and Commercial

  • Farm

  • 5-12 inch wells

  • Service on all brands

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